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Keep Out School of Love: the future passes through education

The Keep Out School of Love, like all special projects, had a long gestation. The first relations between Keep Out and the town of Jaipur, a city traditionally devoted to textile craftsmanship, date back to 2017: it was there that Stefania Gagliardone, founder of Keep Out, went in search of silk for the creation of […]
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Keep Out and Vitas: a 100% home-based partnership

The relationship between Keep Out and Vitas, a local secular volunteer organization active in the district of Casale since 1996, is mainly due to territorial affinity. Casale Monferrato, the hometown of Keep Out, was once the capital of Eternit fibre cement: this industrial plant has caused the spread of pleural mesothelioma, a form of malignant […]
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Rhodium plating: a winning choice

Keep Out uses only pure silver, one of the most beautiful and shining metals. In order to improve its appearance and durability, a process called rhodium plating is used. What is rhodium plating? Rhodium plating is named after a metal called rhodium: it is rare, white, very resistant. It is often alloyed with platinum to […]
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