Il MANIFESTO di Keep Out

The thimble was born in the mists of time to protect the fingers during sewing work. A simple object, yet used everywhere, never replaced by a “technological” alternative.

Like its function, the symbolic and magical meaning of the thimble is universal: Keep Out has transformed it into the characterizing element of its Made in Italy jewels, in the certainty that it would be understood all over the world.

The items of this manifesto could only be 5, just like the continents:
We love to enhance the know-how, taste and spirit on which the Keep Out production is based. Our jewels owe much to the Italian manufacturing tradition, and we are pleased to honour it.
We pursue a wise way of being in the market, trying to think, act, according to conscience, suspend judgment when possible, practicing kindness and eschewing any form of aggression
Our way of communicating is cheerful, empathetic, supportive. We try to enhance differences and minimize inequalities by using actions, words and economic resources and transforming them into bridges and springboards.
The entrepreneurial adventure called Keep Out has given us the opportunity to cheer and get excited about so many things: people, ideals, products, opportunities, partnerships... We are happy with our success and even the success of others!
We like to think that there is an unexplored world out there made up of business and projects, experiments and knowledge. We are fascinated by the “possible”: ignorance does not scare us, and after all, what should we be afraid of? The thimble protects us.

Keep Out jewels are created with love and represent an invitation to look at life with curious, open, confident eyes. You can do it too, and the world will look more beautiful to you.