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This year, Keep Out , has taken an important step by launching the opening of its first flagship store "Keep Out Jewels and more" in Casale Monferrato, the birthplace of the company.
Today Keep Out is present in Italy and around the world with more than 70 retailers (in Italy and abroad), as well as e-commerce which has been active since 2015: the aim is to increasingly bring the exclusive world of Keep Out jewellery into contact with the final consumer, through a single brand loyalty tool and its presence in both Italian and foreign markets.

It will be called "Keep Out Jewels and more", because in addition to jewellery , the brand has also been extended into several other commercial sectors such as clothing, accessories, gadgets, cosmetics, and food and beverages.

The concept and identity of the brand’s new stores were developed by the design studio 
Vemworks (architects: Marco Dellatorre, Emanuele Corte and Vittoria Fiorito), to which the task of expressing the values and image that characterize the style of the brand was entrusted. "The project idea starts with the analysis of the morphological thimble, the principle element of the entire Keep Out line, but without falling into the outright obsessive revival of an object.
It is rather a tendency to remember this object through extracting the details, as if using a zoom lens. In which the perforated sheet of the two short sides of the central counter suggests the piercing surface of the thimble, the concave mirrors on the walls suggest the view of a thimble from its base towards the interior, the same for the lighting in a stylised form. Even the pots at the entrance reflect the shape of the thimble cone. The shape of the thimble and its decorative appearance appear in many of the details of the space, the thimble is evoked in a very discreet manner.
The space remains for the rest very neutral, with raw materials such as cement and iron, and
decoration is used on the furniture to enhance the product. The lighting concept is used to highlight and accent the product, and on the panels that tell of the birth of the product.
It is a coherent space made up of details, where their sum helps to construct the environment."

Everything has been designed in detail: from the packaging of the jewellery display, even to the coffee cups that will be offered to customers to make shopping in the new Keep Out stores a more pleasant and relaxing Experience.