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In an ever-changing society such as ours, handing down traditions, rituals and symbols from generation to generation is very important to keep the culture and history of a country alive.

The idea of Keep Out, started with the story of an ancient Latin American custom, It is the story of an act of love, family and tradition.

It is said that once grandmothers would give a small thimble to their daughters and grandchildren who were ready to leave the security of the home as symbol of protection from everything “that stings in life".

This small sewing object was then passed down from generation to generation, strengthening its protective power over the years...


Keep Out Staff

The Italian brand Keep Out comes from the passion and the extraordinary creativity of the young entrepreneur Stefania Gagliardone from Casale Monferrato, who has been a professional precious stones industry dealer for several years and the founder in 2014 of the company Hang Loose based in Casale Monferrato.

The intuition of making the sewing thimble, the principle element of an elegant line of silver "lucky charm" jewellery came to life from the story of an old Latin American tradition according to which, this now obsolete small object, was once given by grandmothers as a symbol of love and protection.

Fascinated by its history, Stefania Gagliardone, flanked by a team of industry professionals, created the Keep Out label in September 2014, the Italian brand, which is registered, patented and protected worldwide: bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, are made exclusively in Valenza by hand, the leading city in the world in the field of jewellery and goldsmith work.

Today, the brand has expanded, in addition to jewellery, into several other retail sectors such as clothing, accessories, gadgets, cosmetics, foods and beverages.